About coolplants

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Dear customer,

Coolplants.com is the e-shop of Alpine plant nursery Cathy Portier, a small, specialized nursery of special plants from all mountain regions of the world.

For almost 35 years - 2 generations - we have been growing an extensive range of rock plants, special perennials, special bulbs & tubers, and low shrubs and conifers. In addition to strong and simple plants for a wide audience, we also offer rarities and oddities for the true plant connoisseur and collector.

No chemicals are used at the nursery and I reuse as much as possible - from pots and cutting trays to old potting soil (steamed).

It is a "one-woman business" in which time is divided between:

  • growing and taking care of the plants
  • selling plants at international plant markets (Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium)
  • preparing, packaging and sending mail packages in Europe
  • the maintenance of our gardens, plant collections, and animals
  • and some household and private life,...

A well-filled agenda!

Plants are cool

Love of plants

Coolplants is not an e-shop with large warehouses and extensive automation.

We are a "one-woman business", where every plant often goes through my hands before it reaches you.

Sometimes it is possible that I ask a little patience. Mail or chat with me if you have any questions, but in the "season", my plants get more attention than my computer work ;-)


plants from all mountain regions of the world