How we work


How does ordering at COOLPLANTS work?

We are a small, traditional nursery - not a large e-shop with large warehouses and extensive automation.

We are a "one-woman business", where every plant often passes through my hands before it reaches you.

The plants offered on are mainly grown on the nursery, supplemented with plants from friendly growers.

  • Not everything is always in stock
  • After winter, various types can be unsaleable due to frost or water damage
  • Out of stock plants are replaced, sent back or refunded
  • Plants from our external partners are collected weekly during the season



We do not keep precise stock of the plants. This means that a plant with 'in stock' status can still be sold out. With your order you can indicate whether we can replace or first consult with you.

Seasonal plants are only delivered in certain months: snowdrops, flower bulbs, some shrubs & trees, ... With you can also pre-order plants. Your order will be delivered from the moment they are available.

Plants that are sold out or plants from the archive can easily be added to an alert list. You will receive an email as soon as the plant is available again.


What is the delivery time?

The packaging and shipping of plants is done on Monday and Tuesday and only in periods without frost or excessive heat.

For these reasons, we have a delivery time of 8 to 20 days. That period can still be extended by:

  • frost
  • heat (in principle we do not ship above 25 ° C)
  • busy times in February (snowdrop time) and May (participation in plant fairs)
  • waiting for delivery from our partners

If you want your order at a later date (not at home or too hot/cold in your area), you can choose a delivery week on the checkout page.


Where can I collect my order?

You can pick up the order at the nursery in Bruges during opening hours or by appointment.

You can also pick up during the plant fairs in which we participate. See Events


  • Give us enough time to prepare the order
  • If you also order plants from partners, please respect the delivery time
  • Order well in advance for collection at plant fairs.

We only ship within Europe, here you will find the shipping costs per country.

The shipping cost (including packaging, postage and handling) for a package up to 30 kg depends on the country of destination - see table.

Every 2nd box is offered by coolplants. We will charge shipping costs again for the 3rd, 5th, 7th... box. After packaging, we will send a separate payment request.

United Kingdom: Sorry, but due to Brexit, no deliveries to the UK until further notice....
Unfortunately, due to strict import procedures, we cannot deliver to Norway, Switzerland or the UK.

set the language and destination country
country ISO EUR VAT plants
Austria AT 20 13 %
Belgium BE 9.5 6 %
Bulgaria BG 50 20 %
Croatia HR 40 13 %
Czech Republic CZ 30 15 %
Denmark DK 25 25 %
Estonia EE 50 20 %
Finland FI 40 24 %
France FR 18 10 %
Germany DE 18 7 %
Greece GR 60 24 %
Hungary HU 35 27 %
Ireland IE 40 13.5 %
Italy IT 30 10 %
Latvia LV 50 21 %
Lithuania LT 50 21 %
Luxembourg LU 15 8 %
Netherlands NL 15 9 %
Poland PL 30 8 %
Portugal PT 45 6 %
Romania RO 45 19 %
Slovakia SK 35 20 %
Slovenia SI 30 9.5 %
Spain ES 40 21 %
Sweden SE 40 25 %

VAT on e-commerce in the EU

New VAT rules for e-commerce have been in effect since July 1, 2021.

When changing the destination country, the prices will be adjusted according to the VAT rules of the destination country. The sales price therefore depends on the country to which the goods are shipped.

For companies with a VAT number.

Specify the company name and VAT number during the order. An intra-Community invoice is then drawn up. We cannot respond to requests to make an invoice afterwards.

For an invoice amount below 50 euros (excl. VAT), 15 euros administration costs will be charged.


We use GLS for shipping. Delivery to a parcel machine or collection point is also possible.

Tip: if you are rarely at home, have your package delivered at work or to acquaintances who are always at home. This way delays in delivery are avoided!

Plants are only shipped after payment or proof of payment (mail) has been received.

During severe frost and the warm summer months, no shipments are made.

The delivery time is 8 to 20 days - depending on the items ordered and the delivery address (country).

On arrival

Take the plants out of the box as soon as possible and water them a little. This way they recover quickly and easily from the journey.

If you cannot plant out the plants immediately, place them in a protected, shady place outdoors and certainly not indoors at room temperature.

The appearance of the plants may vary, some varieties are shipped without foliage or with shortened branches. This does not affect regrowth - after all, the roots are the most important part of the plant.


If the package arrives damaged, please refuse receipt or email photos of the damage to us at

Right of withdrawal online purchase and return policy

Legally, plants are perishable goods for which there is no right of return or complaint. After mutual consultation, we still accept returns at your expense. You can create a return label at

Returning is possible for plants that are not supplied as true-to-name and that also show a relatively large loss on the nursery :

We pay a lot of attention to the authenticity of the species, but sometimes things can go wrong which means that you do not receive the right plant. Plants that prove not to be true to name are fully reimbursed.

We don't ship plants that seem too fragile and always choose the best ones. We reimburse plants that with us also show problems or failure on closer inspection.

Pot sizes

We grow more than 1000 different varieties, each of which has its own requirements in terms of soil and pot size. Some grow better in a small pot, others in a larger one. There are standard pots or extra-deep pots for plants with tap roots or deep-rooted varieties.

An overview of the different pots

pot size LxWxH (cm) diameter (cm) volume (litre)
P7 7x7x8 - 0,4
P9 9x9x10 - 0,7
P10,5 / C1 Ø11 1,0
P13 / C1,2 Ø13 1,3
P14 / C1,5 Ø14 1,5
P15 / C2 Ø17 2,0
P17 / C3 Ø19 3,0
P19 / C4 Ø21 4,0
C5 Ø22 5,0
C7,5 Ø26 7,5
C10 Ø28 10
C20 Ø34 20
C50 Ø50 50
C100 Ø60 100