Ficus carica 'Osborn's Prolific'


Ficus carica 'Osborn's Prolific'

Hardy English selection with large fruits in July and a second crop in September - October. Very productive and self-fertile. Large yellow fruits with pink flesh with a soft and sweet taste - fresh or in jam.

flowering : 4-5 white
height : 300-400 cm
where to plant : full sun ⋄


where to plant Ficus carica 'Osborn's Prolific'

  • height: 300-400 cm
  • flowering: April - May
  • color: white
  • leaf color: green
  • habit: wide
  • growth: slow
  • level: easy
  • light: full sun
  • moisture: dry average
  • soil texture: pervious light normal
  • winter zone: 7 [-15°C]
  • density: 1 - 2

Ficus carica 'Osborn's Prolific' in the garden

  • Suggested planting locations and garden types: permaculture shrub border gravel garden slope park pot wild garden small garden
  • use: kitchen medicinal

botanical information about Ficus carica 'Osborn's Prolific'

  • Botanical name: Ficus carica 'Osborn's Prolific'
  • Genus: Ficus
  • Family: Moraceae
  • origin: hybrid