cyclamen-flowered daffodil

Narcissus cyclamineus

This is a native of Spain and Portugal, thriving in damp meadows and instantly recognisable by it's sharply reflexed petals. Many hybrids owe their fine form to Cyclamineus parentage, but for sheer delicate beauty the species cannot be beaten.

10-20 cm    3-4      full sun ⋄ sunny ⋄ morning sun ⋄ evening sun ⋄ open shade ⋄ filtered ⋄

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where to plant Narcissus cyclamineus

  • height: 10-20 cm
  • flowering: March - April
  • leaf color: yellow green
  • scent: scented
  • habit: tuft
  • growth: medium
  • level: moderate
  • light: full sun sunny morning sun evening sun open shade filtered
  • soil: moist
  • soil texture: light normal
  • humus: normal normal / lot many
  • pH: acid
  • winter zone: 6 [-20°C]
  • density: 9 - 15

Narcissus cyclamineus in the garden

  • Suggested planting locations and garden types: roof garden intensive rockgarden scree crevice garden troughs marsh below hedge slope wild garden small garden woodland pot
  • use: cutflower

botanical information about Narcissus cyclamineus

  • Botanical name: Narcissus cyclamineus
  • Species: Narcissus
  • family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Other names: narcis - cyclamen-flowered daffodil
  • origin: Europe, South