Thymus 'Caborn Wine and Roses'


Thymus 'Caborn Wine and Roses'

A new, mat-forming thyme with oval, dark green leaves. Richly flowering with glowing purple-pink flowers. A very pleasant, aromatic scent on warm and sunny days.

flowering : 6-7 lilac
height : 10-15 cm
where to plant : full sun ⋄


where to plant Thymus 'Caborn Wine and Roses'

  • height: 10-15 cm
  • flowering: June - July
  • color: lilac
  • leaf color: green
  • scent: scented fragrant leaf / aromatic
  • habit: creeping
  • growth: medium
  • level: easy
  • light: full sun
  • moisture: very dry dry
  • soil texture: pervious light
  • organic matter: none to little
  • pH: limy
  • winter zone: 6 [-20°C]
  • density: 9 - 15

Thymus 'Caborn Wine and Roses' in the garden

  • wildlife: for bees for butterflies
  • Suggested planting locations and garden types: roof garden intensive wall planting rockgarden dry bed cemetery plants scree gravel garden roof garden along path groundcover slope small garden prairie planters wild garden pot

botanical information about Thymus 'Caborn Wine and Roses'

  • Botanical name: Thymus 'Caborn Wine and Roses'
  • Species: Thymus
  • family: Lamiaceae
  • Other names: Rosenduft-Thymian
  • PARENTAGE: Thymus ciliatus ?
  • origin: hybrid




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