Ocimum basilicum 'Sprouting Basilicumkers' (BIO) plant © copyright  

Ocimum basilicum 'Sprouting Basilicumkers' (BIO)

SproutingBasilcress (BIO)

Basil sprouts Sprouting seeds can be easily grown with water. Basil is well known in Mediterranean, Indonesian and Thai kitchens. Sprouts taste like Basil and they are very easy to cultivate. When cooking, add the sprouts at the last moment when preparing pasta, tomato sauce and salads. Also use the sprouts to prepare pesto or to garnish lamb, veal and chicken dishes. Instructions Sprouting seeds can be grown easily with water; check out our site for instructions and for the special Cut & Eat grow kits.

Available from 1st of November 2,59
per Unit / size ca. 15 g.