Raphanus sativus 'Radijs Bel Image' plant © copyright  

Raphanus sativus 'Radijs Bel Image'

Seed Tape Radish Bel Image

7,5 metres of seed tape, pre-sown with Radish, ready for use in the garden. The seed tape can be sown from mid March till end of August in the open. If it is more convenient, you can cut the tape in to 5 equal lengths of 1,5 metres. When sowing, ensure the seed tapes placed at least 20 cm apart. Place the tape(s) on the ground and cover with soil. Water regularly but not to excess. Germination can take 10-12 days.

Available from 1st of November 2,59
per Unit / size 7.5 meter - 3 x 2,5 m